Table of Contents for Search Engine Marketing, Inc.





Part 1: The Basics of Search Marketing

1: Why Search Marketing Is Important…and Difficult

Web Search Basics. Search and Your Marketing Mix. The Challenge of Search Success.

2: How Search Engines Work

Matching the Search Query. Ranking the Matches. Displaying Search Results. Finding Web pages for the Organic Index. Analyzing the Content. Building the Organic Index. Search Relationships.

3: How Search Marketing Works

Organic Search. Directory Listings. Paid Placement.

4: How Searchers Work

Visitor Behavior. The Searcher’s Intent. The Searcher’s Click. The Searcher’s Follow-Through.

Part 2: Develop Your Search Marketing Program

5: Identify Your Web Site’s Goals

Web Sales. Offline Sales. Leads. Market Awareness. Information and Entertainment. Persuasion.

6: Measure Your Web Site’s Success

Count Your Conversions. Count Your Traffic. Count Your Money.

7: Measure Your Search Marketing Success

Target Your First Search Marketing Campaign. Assess Your Current Situation. Calculate Your First Campaign’s Opportunity.

8: Define Your Search Marketing Strategy

Choose the Scope of Your Search Marketing Program. Divide the Search Marketing Work. Choose Your Search Marketing Approach. Project Your Search Marketing Costs.

9: Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal

Assemble Your Search Marketing Proposal. Sell Your Proposal to the Extended Search Team. Sell Your Proposal to Executives.

Part 3: Execute Your Search Marketing Program

10: Get Your Site Indexed

What If Your Site Is Not Indexed? How Many Pages on Your Site Are Indexed? How Can More Pages from Your Site Be Indexed?

11: Choose Your Target Keywords

The Value of Keyword Planning. Your Keyword Planning Philosophy. Step-by-Step Keyword Planning.

12: Optimize your content

What Search Engines Look For. The Philosophy of Writing for Search. Step-by-Step Optimization for Search Landing Pages.

13: Attract Links to Your Site

Why Search Engines Value Links. Your Linking Philosophy. Step-by-Step Link Building for Your Site.

14: Optimize Your Paid Search Program

Paid Search Opportunities. Your Paid Search Philosophy. Step-by-Step Paid Search Optimization.

15: Make Search Marketing Operational

Set Up Your Central Search Team. Establish Search Marketing Best Practices. Track Search Marketing Success.

Part 4: Beyond Search Marketing

16: Explore New Media and Social Media

What’s Web 2.0? (Blogs, Microblogging, Wikis, Ratings and Reviews, Message Boards) New Media (Images, Podcasts, Videos, Widgets). Social Media (Viral Marketing, Types of Social Media, Social Media and Search).

17: Optimize Your Web Site Search

The Disappointments of Web Site Search. The Importance of Web Site Search. The State of Your Web Site Search. Improve Your Web Site Search.

18: What’s Next?

What’s Next for Search Marketing? What’s Next for You?