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Search Engine Marketing, Inc. has garnered positive reviews from around the industry. And, hey, anytime the publisher brings out a second edition, you know it couldn’t be awful. Its wealth of information is easy to understand regardless of whether you have a technical or business background (or neither)—business types can understand the technical details and vice versa.

Its readable style makes this the essential guide for improving the search marketing for any business. It’s applicable to small companies and large, but its special treatment of the problems of large search marketing campaigns have differentiated the book from others.

Search Engine Marketing, Inc. is such a strong explanation of the subject that it is frequently used as a college textbook. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what the critics have to say.





Reviews for the Second Edition

It’s common for comprehensive books written by respected authorities to be tagged as the “bible” of a particular topic or industry. My vote for that distinctive title in our industry goes to Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt. Both Mike and Bill are longtime search marketing veterans who were responsible for the search marketing strategy and implementation for’s massive global network of web sites…Search Engine Marketing, Inc. is probably the closest thing to a definitive textbook for anyone wanting to learn search marketing. But it’s also so full of practical tips learned from years of experience that it’s a great read for experienced search marketers, as well.
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—Chris Sherman
Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

The second edition of “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” doesn’t belong on a dusty old shelf. It belongs on your desk or at your work station, just like any other reference manual that you pull open time and time again. If you pick up the book, get ready to dog-ear and highlight information that is highly pertinent to your company’s SEM initiatives. Be prepared to read and re-read the portions of the book that help you navigate through the ebbing and flowing waters of search. It doesn’t matter if you’re agency or in-house. Moran and Hunt have done it again—they’ve written a must-read guide to strategic search marketing.
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—P.J. Fusco
Columnist, ClickZ

This is not a book for someone who wants a light read. But if you want to understand how search engine marketing really works and how you can master the tricks of the trade—buy it now. The book also comes with a DVD, filled with more than 2 hours of video tutorials, podcasts, articles and slide sets. This book will be on your desk, propped open and dog-eared, for a long time to come. I know mine will be.
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—Drew McLellan
McLellan Marketing Group

Reviews for the First Edition

Search Engine Marketing, Inc., a new book from Mike Moran and Bill Hunt, addresses the needs of search marketers running large campaigns, and that’s what makes the book unique and valuable. Moran and Hunt are responsible for search marketing for one of the largest companies in the world, managing efforts for Their experiences and insights gained from directing search marketing at this global behemoth are infused throughout the book. That’s not to say the book isn’t useful for individuals wanting to learn more about search marketing—it is. Search Engine Marketing, Inc. is packed with scads of useful tactical information covering all aspects of tuning web sites for search engines and creating effective search advertising campaigns. I’ve just scratched the surface of what’s offered in this comprehensive 560 page volume. There’s very little in the search marketing arena that the book doesn’t touch on in one way or another. Search Engine Marketing, Inc. sets a new standard for quality in the ever-growing list of books dedicated to a complex and often arcane topic. Regardless of your experience or skill level, you should buy and read this book—and read it again.
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—Chris Sherman
Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch

Too many books on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are narrow, technical, and gimmicky—aimed at the small entrepreneur. Search Engine Marketing, Inc. is a refreshing exception. The book examines the two main types of search marketing—organic search and paid search, with some discussion of shopping bots—from the perspective of a larger company. The authors tackle the thorny issue of how an enterprise can successfully implement search marketing in each of its important disciplines. If you are tasked with search marketing in a larger company, I can’t think of a better guidebook to this complex field. It is comprehensive, up-to-date, and full of helpful detail and examples. The book would also provide an excellent overview of corporate challenges for new employees, as well as search consultants and search marketing firms that work with larger companies. Smaller company marketing departments can profit as well from this comprehensive view, though they’ll need to outsource more of the time-intensive operations.
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—Dr. Ralph Wilson
Web Marketing Today

You could fill a shelf with books on search engine marketing, read them all and still not have a grasp of what really goes into search engine marketing. To the unsuspecting it seems easy—just content and code twiddling. There is a new book that rips the covers off of any misconceptions about search marketing that you might have. It is Mike Moran and Bill Hunt’s Search Engine Marketing, Inc. This is the book that I have been waiting for—a truly strategic focused book that includes plenty of how-to. From information that will help the only marginally technical understand a dynamically-generated URL and step-by-step instructions for paid search optimization to how to configure a search marketing team and navigate the shark-filled budgetary waters. This is not just a book on how to improve the search positioning of a small business site. This is for those who must deal with the problems of the truly industrial-sized sites. And believe me I know from my own experience, they come with industrial-sized problems—different goals for different areas of the same site, different teams responsible for different areas of a single site, globalization and other challenges. Bill and Mike present lots of helpful advice that even the most seasoned of search marketers will find useful.
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—Amanda Watlington
Principal, Searching for Profit

The search engine marketing community is spoilt for good tutorials, online as well as offline. However, from time to time there arrives a new book that brings in a new dimension to the discussion on how to develop search engine marketing strategies. Search Engine Marketing Inc. is such a book. What sets it aside from regular search engine 101s is its strong focus on the particular needs of larger companies. Yes, it does contain everything you need to know about keyword selections, the use of title tags and headline styles, link building tactics, search engine friendly copy, getting your site indexed and the lot. One of the things we like about this book is the authors’ use of exemplification. We follow their attempts at getting good rankings for “Snap Electronics’” digital cameras, leading to realistic assessments of what is possible and where not to go when you are competing with some of the world’s leading companies. The book is for beginners and more savvy search engine marketers alike.
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Mike Moran and Bill Hunt have put together an exemplary resource for anyone interested in search engine optimization and marketing. Their easy to understand, step by step explanations are filled with both practical advice and professional expertise. You will feel empowered reading this comprehensive manual, and will walk away better equipped to both understand and implement what’s needed to make yours or your company’s site attract more search traffic…I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.
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—Wendy Boswell
Guide to Web Search,

Each day, more consumers are turning to Internet search engines to find the products and services they need and want. If you want those customers, and their dollars, you must get into the game of search engine marketing—Moran and Hunt provide all the information you need. From the mechanics of search engines to an even-handed prediction of the future, this guide will steer tyros and web-nerds alike through the world of search marketing. It will help you develop a web search marketing strategy, get your site indexed and weigh the pros and cons of paid search programs. Perhaps most valuable is the discussion of what web searchers—that is, your potential customers—want when they use a search engine. Though different people have different motivations (some want to buy something, others want information) they all share certain behaviors: they often scan rather than read websites entirely, and they tend to look at the first two or three sites a search engine produces. A clear glossary of terms like “alt text” and “keyword loading” is also very useful. Overall, an indispensable guide for marketing in cyberspace.

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Search Engine Marketing Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site is a comprehensive guideline to incorporate a successful search engine marketing program into your company’s overall marketing effort. The book guides you step by step through the basics of search engine marketing, providing detailed information you need to formulate successful organic optimization, link building and PPC campaigns. This thoughtfully written book is a must read for those seeking to train in house search engine marketing personnel. Highly recommended for anyone in the search engine marketing industry.

—Daria Goetsch
Director of Search Engine Marketing, Search Innovation

Serious stuff here. This is a thorough, formal look at the factors involved in Internet marketing. Essentially, you’re dependent upon search engines, even if your company is a recognized brand name…Authors Mike Moran and Bill Hunt provide a very solid and exhaustive foundation for deciding how—and whether—to implement an SEO program.

—Richard Pachter
Miami Herald