Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site


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Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

Search Engine Marketing, Inc.


Make Internet marketing pay off





by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt

Second Edition: ISBN-13: 978-0-13-606868-6, © 2009, 672 pages

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Search Engine Marketing, Inc., is a no-nonsense book about developing and implementing a search marketing program in your business. Full of explanations of both the business and technical aspects of search marketing, a beginner can learn each step—but this book is also full of tips that even experienced search marketers may not know.

More than just quick fixes, this book offers timeless strategies for implementing a search engine marketing program in your business—one that delivers long-term results. Your search marketing program must focus on your Web site’s underlying goals (such as sales) rather than fixating on your rankings in search results.

The second edition updates all chapters with the important developments in search marketing, including the sea change in paid search toward hybrid auctions, the advent of sitemaps to index your organic content, new keyword tools, and more. In addition, two brand-new chapters have been added:

  • Explore New Media and Social Media: Find out how videos, podcasts, and other new kinds of media are sudden;y showing up in “blended” search results. And learn how you can get customers to pass along your marketing message through social media.
  • Optimize Your Web Site Search: You’ve already learned so much about how organic search works. Why not apply that knowledge to improve the results of the search engine on your own Web site? Find out how a little extra knowledge can send you on your way to help your customers find what they are looking for once they are on your Web site.

The second edition also adds a companion DVD with even more from Mike and bill, including over two hours of video presentations, audio podcasts, white papers, magazine columns, and more.

This book is:

  • A step-by-step guide to setting up and managing a search marketing program
  • Written by experts who have implemented these practices on corporate Web sites
  • Simple enough for a novice, but contains deep knowledge to satisfy veteran search marketers
  • The indispensable guide for both organic and paid search engine marketing for your business

This book is not like the rest. You start with the basics of search marketing—the business basics and the technology basics. Search marketing requires that technologists understand the business concepts, and that marketers grasp the technical details. This book explains both, but also emphasizes tangible business value, starting from the initial cost justification for embarking on the program through operational metrics to prove your success. You’ll convince your management to start the program and then show them why they’ll never regret it.