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Do It Wrong Quickly

Do It Wrong   Quickly book


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Part 1: That Newfangled Marketing

1: They’re Doing Wonderful Things with Computers

The New Marketing Communication. The New Marketing Segmentation. The New Direct Marketing.

2: New Wine in Old Bottles

The Three R’s of Online Marketing: You Must Be Relevant. You Must Be Real. You Must Be Responsive.

The New Marketing is Not So New: Advertising. Direct Marketing. Publicity.

3: Marketing is a Conversation

Starting the Conversation. Learning to Listen. Getting Introduced to Others.

Part 2: That Newfangled Direct Marketing

4: Going Over to the Dark Side

Find Your Purpose. Measure Your Customer Activity. Measure Your Customer Relationships.

5: The New Customer Relations

The Look and Feel: The Design. The Navigation. The Interactivity.

The Sights and Sounds: The Words. The Sounds. The Pictures.

The Touch: Deciding Which Customers to Target. Getting to Know Your Customers. Designing Your Experience for Each Customer.

6: Customers Vote with Their Mice

Where Do You Start? How Do You Know How Wrong It Is? How Do You Speed Up?

Part 3: That Newfangled You

7: This Doesn’t Work for Me

The Reasons Why Not. Fear. Change.

8: This Won’t Work Where I Work

Leading People to Change. Specialist Disease. Personality Parade.

9: This Stuff Changes Too Fast

How Do You Cope with Change? What’s Changing? How Do You Keep Up?