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Do It Wrong Quickly is receiving positive reviews from around the industry. Its timely message of experimentation, listening to customer feedback, and trying again is the ticket to Internet success. Listen to what the critics have to say.


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Mike Moran is back with another book. Co-author of “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.,” Moran’s new book is called “Do It Wrong Quickly” (aff) and looks at how great businesses benefit from experimenting and adapting…In case your think that this “fail fast” approach is better on paper than in real life, Google would like to disagree with you. Matt Glotzbach, product management director for Google Enterprise told a recent conference audience that Google thrives on launching products quickly and then letting users tell them what needs improving.

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—Andy Beal, Marketing Pilgrim

Now is not the time for marketers to dither around waiting to get the plan just right. Mike puts that notion to rest rapidly. Now is the time for joining the conversation and learning from the experience. Readers familiar with Moran’s previous book, Search Engine Marketing, Inc Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site (ISBN -13: 9780131852921), published in July 2005, will find this new volume just as easy to read and comprehend. As I was told many years ago by a very wise professor, don’t equate easy-to-read with lack of insight. This book has both. Do It Wrong Quickly, just like Search Engine Marketing, Inc is packed with practical advice illustrated with numerous examples delivered with a generous dollop of humor…For most authors the completion of a single book is a personal tour de force. Completing two comprehensive books in two years is positively Herculean. Bravo!

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—Amanda Watlington, SearchEngineWatch

I absolutely love Mike Moran’s take on Internet marketing. Do It Wrong Quickly is not about how to do Internet marketing wrong, it’s about how to not get caught up in having to do it right so that you’ll do something now. Doing something wrong is far better than doing nothing right. Doing something wrong quickly is far better than doing something right slowly. The bottom line is that you simply need to do something…I’ve got a whole new philosophy. Just start doing. If I you do it wrong quickly, you can do it right later…Once you know what you’re doing to begin with.

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—Stoney deGeyter, E-Marketing Performance

Moran, an engineer and former IBM product manager, simplifies things to the point where the least Web-savvy among us can readily comprehend most of his ideas, though more experienced readers will not feel slighted or condescended to, either…For those looking for an entertaining and informative discussion of harnessing the power of the Net by making mistakes and rapidly learning from them, this is a superb place to start. This inspired and inspirational look at the internal and external forces at work in our world would also make a great gift, but be sure that you keep a copy for yourself, too.

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—Richard Pachter, Miami Herald

I think that the important thing to take away is that it no longer makes sense to expect that even a carefully thought-through, well-executed marketing campaign will hit the target in today’s world. In fact, Moran believes that the new marketing means getting away from the plan-then-execute approach, and starting to try lots of approaches at the same time. In addition to systematic ways of assessing your online marketing (conversions, metrics), you have to listen better to your customers. He talks about the social media phenomenon, incorporating multi-media approaches in your message, and creating deeper relationships with your customers by engaging them in a conversation. As Moran puts it, “whether change gets your blood pumping or leaves you in a pool of sweat, marketing is undergoing a revolution more profound than any of us are likely to see the rest of our lives.” Do It Wrong Quickly is a friendly invitation to that revolution.

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—800 CEO Read

If you spend too much time, money and effort on ineffective campaigns, this book is for you. Mike Moran, an IBM engineer, has written a guide on how to “do it wrong quickly.” Don’t be misled by the title, though—it doesn’t mean that you should purposely craft a faulty product…So, compile the metrics, analyze conversion rates and figure out which areas need tweaking. If you aren’t an expert on metrics, this 377-page guide explains the process.

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For those who feel they will never “get” marketing in the Web 2.0 world, Mike Moran wrote Do It Wrong Quickly. As the title suggests, Moran is a big proponent of implementing something, testing it and making improvements. Or as he says to “do it wrong quickly… then fix it, just as quickly.”…I have to admit, when I first picked up this 375+ page book, I figured I’d skim a few chapters and get the gist. Several hours later, I found myself completely immersed. Do It Wrong Quickly is a fantastic “big picture” overview of how any business – big or small – can take advantage of the web. Moran writes in a witty, conversational tone that draws you in…Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels overwhelmed with the idea of marketing their business on the web. And even if you think you have a pretty good grasp on things, I bet you’ll still pick up a few handy tips.

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I’m a fan of anybody attempting to increase operational agility – and Moran has more than a few nuggets of wisdom in his book. Chapter 6 presents several approaches to speeding up online targeting, messaging and feedback which are quite good…All in all this is a solid effort describing how “old” marketing rules have been rewritten by the web.

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—Mike Smock, Maneuver Marketing Communique

I’m in dire need to learn more about marketing and sales in the Web 2.0 world…In this particular case I was fortunate enough to stumble upon…a current and amazing book on this topic. The book is, “Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules” by Mike Moran…This book is a must read for anyone serious about being part of the Web 2.0 world and engaging customers in conversations vs. telling them what you want them to hear.

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-—Daryl Clark, President of Internet Search Marketing

It’s chocked endlessly with examples and advice for web marketers. Grab a copy if for no other reason than if you EVER have trouble making a case to launch something new, cite a thought-leader from IBM. Works every time.

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I discovered Mike Moran, author of Do It Wrong Quickly. It’s a gem about today’s marketing…The book contains a ton of new information…Do It Wrong Quickly was just published so it will take a while for the word to get around but this just may be the marketing book of 2008.

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-—Higher Ed Marketing Blog

E-marketing is only as hard as you make it, and Do It Wrong Quickly makes it easy. Moran breaks down a complex topic into simple, easy to understand pieces, suitable for folks who know nothing about how to generate business via the Web. And he writes with enough humor and style that even experienced folks will be entertained as well as gaining a little knowledge.

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-—Tim Peter

It was a top-notch read. The author, Mike Moran, does a great job of helping the audience, present-day marketers, understand how the direct marketing world has, and more importantly, is changing around them. The book is not a hands-on how-to book nor is it a book on theory. It provides a good mix of both extremes and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of Internet (Direct) Marketing.

-—Kelly Hair

What Moran does is provide a frame and self-help tools for new product developers, in any industry, who want to improve their work in the truth-seeking front end. His data-driven approach accepts that you will not always know the right thing to do, but just try something and let your prospective customers tell you how wrong it is—then fix it and try again.

-—George Castellion, The Journal of Product Innovation Management

Mike Moran’s Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules is truly a guide for starting E-marketing. The main idea of this book is that the Internet brings significant changes to the marketing environment and there is no “rule-of-thumb”. Rather than speculating when and how the changes will affect your companies, marketers should begin experiments based on the techniques and tools introduced in this book. The principle of “Do it wrong quickly” and “improve-it-immediately” is highly appropriate in the marketing context that the Internet has defined.

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-—Ken Wei