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Do It Wrong Quickly is a call to action for marketers to take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer—to listen what customers are saying, watch what they are doing, and most importantly to respond as soon as possible. The book has been greeted with advance praise from around the industry. I’ve been flattered by the folks with kind words to say—a few of them agreed to be quoted on what they think in the book itself. Check out what they’ve all had to say. (Apologies for the long page but I guess it’s better than if no one liked it.)

What’s the one thing companies care about? Conversion. Getting potential customers to convert into real, actual, customers. But how do you do that in a world of Facebook, Google, YouTube, blogs, and Flickr? Mike Moran shows you how—by trying lots of little things, studying the results, learning quickly from your failures, and doing all over again. He gives you a framework for getting over your fears of talking with your customers without a committee to protect your behind. Great book.

—Robert Scoble

Video blogger of the Scoble Show and co-author of the top-selling corporate blogging book, Naked Conversations

If you are in an enterprise that has trouble executing fast enough, then act now and read Do It Wrong Quickly. It is extremely common for businesses to identify major areas for improvement or benefit but get mired down in distractions or red tape. Businesses that don’t learn to execute at the speed of business today are just going to be left behind the same way cars sped past the horse and buggy. Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong.

—Bryan Eisenberg

Author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

Mike Moran is a true Web 2.0 marketing guru. This book is ideal read for anybody who wants to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be successful and survive in today’s new digital marketing landscape. Mike’s book is a must read!

—Brian Fitzgerald

Director of Digital Media Marketing for the National Football League

Do It Wrong Quickly captures the essence of data-driven approach to Internet marketing success. Accept that you won’t always know the right thing to do, but instead of spending months convincing yourself, just try something and let your customers tell you how wrong it is. Then fix it and try something else. Mike Moran’s book offers practical examples and terrific tips to transform your marketing to the new way, all while keeping you both interested and amused. If you read only one book on Internet marketing this year, read this one!

—Imran Khan

Chief Marketing Officer for E-LOAN

Real insights that are easy and even fun to read. Mike has a wonderful way of seeing the new world for what it really is. Do It Wrong Quickly is a must read.

—Gideon Sasson

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Charles Schwab

If you are one the many who read Mike Moran’s excellent book Search Engine Marketing, Inc., you are already aware that Mike not only knows his stuff but also makes his points logical and understandable. His new book will likely receive attention from a variety of business executives, marketing people, and observers of the online business. Moran excels when describing his personal experiences and seeing the patterns that are changing the way we conduct business. The book is a well-researched look at how the Web has redefined marketing and how the Web will continue to be a reflection of culture. This is truly one of the best business books I have read!

—Morten Kamper

Director of the Danish eBusiness Association

Mike Moran has mastered a rare combination of marketing insight, technology instinct and consumer intuition that is critical to the future of smart marketing. He takes you on a comprehensive and entertaining tour through a rapidly-changing marketing landscape, making you feel comfortable about jumping off the bus to explore it on your own. For executives looking for a tour guide to this new terrain, Mike is your man.

—Steve Gehlen

Founder of the Internet Strategy Forum

Marketers who ignore the Web or think it’s just a fad are missing out on reaping the benefits of harnessing one of the most powerful forces for connecting with customers ever. But online marketing isn’t just an extension of traditional marketing: the rules are different. In Do It Wrong Quickly, Mike Moran describes the best practices of online marketing in a clear, compelling voice. This book should be a must-read for anyone serious about becoming a successful marketer in cyberspace.

—Chris Sherman

Executive Editor of, and Author of Google Power and The Invisible Web

Why do some companies’ marketing efforts stumble while others dominate in this new age of marketing on the internet? With Do It Wrong Quickly, Mike Moran offers clear and insightful guidance for budding “Millennium Marketers” on how to leverage both the old and the new of Web 2.0. Combining “conversations and personalization” with the measurability of direct marketing, Moran gives readers both strategic and practical tools for engaging internet savvy customers today and in the future.

—Lee Odden

CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and publisher of

The Web is wonderful at producing massive amounts of data that gets increasingly complex to interpret efficiently with each passing day, and let’s not forget taking action. Yet it is also a environment where technology enables experimentation and testing while controlling for risk. Mike’s new book lays out why we all need a radical transformation in our approach to marketing on the Web, and he does not leave us guessing about how to accomplish that. You’ll find specific ideas about how to score for your companies and your customers by doing it wrong quickly.

—Avinash Kaushik

Author of Web Analytics an Hour a Day and the Occam’s Razor blog

Mike is a genius whose title should be IBM Distinguished Engineer and Marketer. This book captures the essence of how to build a winning Web site and conduct successful Web marketing in the 21st century. I highly recommend it for marketers of all kinds, both online and offline.

—Michael Yang

Founder, President, and CEO of

Do it Wrong Quickly is the book I have been waiting for to give those super-perfectionist clients who won’t pull the trigger on new things. In today’s hyper-paced digital world we don’t have the luxury for everything to be completely tested and dialed in before we can act. This book is the roadmap for jump-starting projects and then making the course corrections to get perfection. Thank you Mike for making my job easier!

—Bill Hunt

CEO of Global Strategies International and co-author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

Damn! Just when I thought I had some great ideas for a book, I read Moran’s manuscript and he beat me to them! So, take my advice and read Mike’s book carefully. Then reread it. Because the onion that Mike’s peeling back here reveals the essential realities we have to grasp to do marketing even half right in the wired world. It’s faster, it’s participatory, it’s less predictable and it’s certainly less controlled. That’s why you can’t deliberate too long. You just have to do it and damn the consequences.

—Gord Hotchkiss

President and CEO of Enquiro

This book leads the way for new marketers, going beyond generalities, clichés, and quick fixes to offer the wisdom and insight needed to make the most of this new landscape. Not surprising really, because Mike has been a visionary in the search industry for over two decades. The real life examples and Mike’s quick wit really bring the whats, whys and hows of this new era of marketing to life.

—Jane Paolucci

Vice President, World Wide Marketing, Coremetrics

The social media world requires new approaches that transcend traditional marketing disciplines. Moran challenges, inspires, and entertains while laying out practical approaches that can help brands “Join the conversation.” An essential read for anyone looking to effectively engage the Web 2.0 world.

—Rob Key

CEO, Converseon, Inc.

“Doing it wrong quickly” is what we all should be doing more of, instead of fearing mistakes. In Do It Wrong Quickly, you get an entire course of Internet Marketing, including Conversational Marketing, Usability Design, Online Profiling and Audience Segmentation, Web Analytics, Conversion Marketing, and Customer Psychology. The lessons in Do It Wrong Quickly apply to any online business. If there’s one book you should read this year, it’s Mike Moran’s Do It Wrong Quickly.

—Marshall Sponder

Author of WebMetricsGuru blog

This book desecrates the boundaries of business, the Internet, and marketing and for the first time in history brings true professionalism to management strategy on the Web. An indispensable “walk the talk” for serious business strategies using the Web.

—Edward O’Hara

Marketing Director of JupiterResearch Nordic

The Internet boom made many people think that all of the rules of business had changed, but when the bubble burst many people decided that the rules hadn’t changed after all. Both extremes are wrong. Some rules have in fact changed whereas some have not, and it isn’t obvious which is which. If you want to learn how to do online marketing right in a timely manner then this book is definitely for you.

—Scott W. Ambler

Practice Leader Agile Development, IBM Rational and Author of Agile Modeling