Testimonials from Event Organizers

People have told me that I bring the qualities of an expert to help people focus on practical approaches, but I also tend to exhort people to get out of their comfort zones and do something. Picture of Mike MoranI’m from New York, so I tend to be rather plainspoken—your audience will definitely understand what I am saying, even on the most technical subjects. And I try to do it with a touch of humor, because I think that people remember things a lot better when they are relaxed and having fun. But don’t take my word for it—hear what conference organizers and event planners around the world have said:

Laura Roth, Senior Conference Manager for SES and ClickZ:  “We recently invited Mike to teach a workshop on Content Marketing and Implementing a Winning Program at our SES New York event and we were really happy with this new course. Mike was easy to work with, professional and delivered fantastic content that more than met the expectations of our attendees – I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Mike again.”

Jorge Duron, VP Global Services, Motorola Mobility, Inc.:  “Mike Moran generated so much energy in the room as he delivered his pitch on Digital Marketing to my team of Services Sales and Technology experts that the room became noticeably warmer. His passion and delivery on the subject created emotional extremes…anxiety (I’m late/we’re late!) to elation (This guy really gets it and now I do too!). I highly recommend listening to Mike on this topic he so thoroughly commands.”

Steve Cummins, Director of Marketing at Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America:  “Mike is an excellent speaker on social media and digital marketing. I hired Mike for a Sales Meeting at Panasonic, and he provided a compelling and entertaining presentation to our audience of Sales & Marketing professionals on how to develop the strategy and get started on using social media for B2B sales. Mike was extremely professional during the preparation for the event, and made sure to develop material that was in line with the goals of our meeting. On the day, he arrived early and was willing to run over his time to answer many questions from the audience. Feedback from the participants has been very positive. I have also seen Mike speak at BMA and MENG events, and he always has an interesting perspective to share. I will definitely call on Mike again for his expertise.”

Dick Badler, Event Organizer for The Conference Board: “I’ve booked quite a number of technology and futurist speakers, and most of them are good.  But Mike hit it out of the park. Really good content, really well delivered. Just great stuff.”

Stephan Spencer, Founder of NetConcepts: “Having attended many hundreds of conferences, I’ve heard countless presenters. Of them, Mike Moran stands above the rest. With his wit and enthusiasm, he totally captures the audience. But when it comes to the content, this is where he REALLY delivers. I had the pleasure of working with Mike chairing a series of conferences for the American Marketing Association. He was a top-rated speaker and I would invite him back in a heartbeat.”

Morten Kamper, Business Manager of FDIM, the Danish e-Business Society: “Mike is a really experienced and inspiring speaker, who always facilitates high-quality contact with the audience. I give Mike Moran the highest recommendations. Mike is a truly inspiring person with great abilities to communicate to a wide audience.”

Deanna Winslow, Global Dow.com Leader at Dow Chemical Company: “I have contracted with Mike Moran to present at a couple different venues to digital leaders and teams. Mike has a great level of knowledge and expertise in digital technologies, work process and management. His level of expertise and his casual presentation style make for the perfect combination. I always feel motivated, with a greater level of strategic clarity after a Mike Moran presentation.”

Heather Lloyd-Martin, President and CEO of SuccessWorks: “I frequently organize and moderate panels for the Direct Marketing Association and other organizations. I have worked with Mike Moran for over six years and he is one of my favorite (and most reliable) speakers. Mike has the amazing ability to make complex issues easy to learn and assimilate. His presentations consistently score well with different types of audiences—from beginners with no foundational knowledge to C-level executive wanting to learn the latest trends. Audience members don’t just learn when Mike speaks—they want to learn more. That’s the mark of a great speaker—one that gets people excited about the topic and inspires them to dig deeper. I highly recommend Mike as a keynote, solo, or panel presenter. He’s really that good!”

Molly A. Mérez, Ph.D., Executive Director of Ticket Summit:  “Poised and articulate, Mike Moran knows how to deliver information and move an audience. In an engaging training session on SEO strategies, Mike delivered an amazing presentation to our attendees, the majority of which are top-level executives in the ticketing and live entertainment industry. As executive director of the event, I appreciated Mike’s level of professionalism and thorough preparation, so as to tailor the presentation to the needs of our attendees. His session in particular was rated among the top events of the conference. I would highly recommend Mike as a guest speaker to any event or organization looking to learn about marketing strategies and get that edge to succeed.”

Steve Gehlen, Founder of the Internet Strategy Forum: “In our post-event attendee evaluation for our Internet Strategy Forum Summit, Mike was the highest-rated presenter. This was a strong year for the conference, with other great presenters such as the CMO of Yahoo! and Robert Scoble—and Mike was the audience favorite. He gave an informative and entertaining presentation that helped add real value for the audience. Naturally we invited him back to present again!”

Jan Mortensen, President of Guava: “We invited Mike to speak at a dinner for a number of our largest clients, and potential new clients. It was a tremendous success. Mike is an eloquent speaker in a down-to-earth way. He is entertaining and educating at the same time and he inspires marketers and executives to pursue their companies’ online potential. In search marketing, Mike may follow his own advice of doing it wrong quickly. But as a speaker, he does it right. And he does it right all the time. We look forward to welcoming Mike back to other engagements.”

Mark Levit, Professor of Advertising, University of Miami, and Former Professor of Marketing, New York University:  “Don’t know if you recall speaking to my Internet Marketing class at NYU in spring 2006, but I sure do. You were the single best speaker to address my [class] that year (maybe even during the 17 years I taught there). I remember you preaching white hat SEO techniques, my students being mesmerized by your talk. And the generosity you showed with your knowledge, agreeing to stay with us (at my students’ request!) an extra 15 minutes to expand the Q&A portion. (These were students who used to run for the door the moment the minute hand pointed to their official “go” time!)

Meghan Murray, Adjunct Lecturer at University of Virginia Darden School of Business:  “Your content marketing session has proven really valuable. Scott’s lawn products have come up more than once since you joined us via Skype, and the concepts of consuming content in new ways (cookbook –> App) are pervasive. Thank you so much for your time & meaningful contribution. The students always learn a lot from you. You’re a great asset to Darden.”

Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Founder of Rimm-Kaufman Group: “Web marketing can be very complicated, and some presenters make it even more so. Mike Moran takes the opposite approach. He makes the complex understandable without oversimplifying important details. Mike’s content is spot-on and his dry wit keeps listeners entertained. His talks have a twinge of the motivational: Mike urges marketers to get off their duff and start trying new ideas. Whether for an hour or day, whether for the tactical or the strategic, I’d recommend Mike Moran to organizations seeking solid training in Web marketing.”

Jon Greer, Editorial Director, Bulldog Reporter’s PR Management Roundtable webinar series: “Mike Moran is in a class by himself: he’s able to convey important and complex information about technology and online communication in a smart, humorous and easy-to-understand way. He’s one of THE people shining the brightest light on the opportunities and challenges online, and how all of our lives will be affected in the future. We look forward to having Mike back as a speaker as soon as possible.”

Brian Offenberger, Host Online Marketing with RSS Ray: “Mike Moran has the rare ability to inform audiences in an engaging and entertaining manner. Mike’s relatable presentation style puts his audience at ease and his put-to-work now information is beneficial to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have had Mike appear on our program twice with absolutely phenomenal audience response.”

Monica Truelsch, Director of Marketing at TMW Systems: “Our company serves a rather narrow vertical market—the transportation services sector—and our decision to invite Mike Moran to participate in our annual User Group event as a featured speaker was a testimony to the broad reach and relevancy of his messages about digital marketing in the New Economy. Even our trucking industry, notable for including so many technology laggards, produced rapt audience members for Mike’s talks. His reputation for thought-provoking content was widely acknowledged in conversations with our event attendees. I personally excused myself from other event management duties to sit in on Mike’s two sessions. They were the highlight of the event for me and I was able to take back valuable ideas and even more valuable attitude adjustments that re-energized my own strategic marketing outlook.”

Nicole Martel, organizer of Le Big Bang in Quebec: “I knew from his book Search Engine Marketing Inc. that Mike was a Web marketing guru, but he is also a great communicator. Mike’s presentation at our Sales and Marketing Annual Symposium was acclaimed by all the participants. His step-by-step approach is truly one of the best marketing program I’ve seen. I recommend it to any companies who wish to analyse their processes and take the right actions!”

Monique de Maio, NJ MENG Chapter Chair and National Board Member: “Mike Moran was so well received by the senior marketers at our MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group) that we can’t wait to have him back. He has great content, context and a terrific way of presenting, as a subject matter expert and author (his book is great as well!)”

Edgar Valdmanis, Marketing Director, The Norwegian Computer Society: “Mike is one of the foremost speakers about marketing on the Web. He has been speaking for our membership on several occasions now, and consistently gets high scores from the participants (that’s 5+ on a scale of 6). We look forward to having Mike back again.”

Bryon Main, Program Director, ExL Pharma: “We have had Mike Moran as a keynote speaker at a few of our digital media and search engine marketing conferences in the past. He is a captivating speaker that knows how to add humor at just the right time. He is always one of our highest-rated speakers when he participates and is able to bring a perfect mix of great content and education with a motivational message to get our audience moving on their digital marketing strategies.”

Fee Sepahi, Director of Sales, CETRA: “I saw Mike at another conference and recruited him to speak to the Marketing Research Association based on his articulate verbal skills, his passion and knowledge in his research and his presentation. Mike is an extremely forthcoming speaker, well-educated and with a forthright attitude. He is engaging and entertaining with an edge for perfection. I highly recommend utilizing his expertise.”

Ernest Nicastro, Founder and Principal, Positive Response: “In 2009 What’s Working NOW, a Positive Response company, hired Mike Moran to conduct a paid educational webinar for us on search engine marketing. As co-author of “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” and an in-demand consultant, I knew Mike had a mastery of the subject matter. And that was aptly displayed during the course of his 90-minute Webinar in which he shared a lot of valuable, insightful information with our audience. In addition, Mike is an excellent speaker. He was well-prepared, delivering an organized, well-thought-out presentation in an engaging, down-to-earth style. Audience feedback was very positive. On a final note, Mike was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive to our needs and returned emails and phone calls in a timely manner. In short, he came across as the top-notch professional that he is. Need a search engine marketing expert? Need an expert speaker on search engine marketing? Get in touch with Mike Moran.”

John Seng, Vice President, The Advertising Club of Westchester, New York: “We have been privileged to have Mike Moran speak to our members about effective Search Engine Marketing on two occasions. Our membership is made up primarily of small, creative services entrepreneurs. They not only need to stay abreast of effective Internet marketing techniques but to translate this knowledge to clients who may not be as sophisticated in the subject, but recognize the marketing potential. He is especially able to tailor his presentation to the profile and needs of the audience. Mike synthesizes otherwise complex information into understandable language—and does it with enthusiasm and humor.”

Suzy Maul, eBusiness Analyst, 3M: “Thank you again for presenting at our Marketing Forum Event. The feedback has been very positive and I believe your message has had a large impact on our marketing community. In fact, since the event, I have heard colleagues on several occasions in meetings referencing parts of your speech as they relate to our current interactive marketing efforts.”

Cheryl Max, Director of Marketing for a Fortune 100 company: “I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with our marketing teams yesterday. I got a ton of feedback and everyone was very impressed with the presentation. They all have the book in hand and I know they will be reading it!”

Edward O’Hara, Director for JupiterMedia Northern Europe: “Mike Moran is an exceptional communicator, able to reduce the complexity of online marketing into simple to comprehend steps. His speaking ability adds motivation to the much underestimated impact of marketing on the Web. I have partnered with Mike at major conferences on Search Marketing in Scandinavia where he performed as keynote speaker and his inspiring thought provoking speeches effectively motivates delegates to allocate resources successfully to marketing on the Web. Mike succeeds in the ultimate “walk the talk” in a highly convincing and provocative way bringing reality and execution to a subject in much need of it.”

Maybe you are getting the idea. I’m probably not the worst speaker you’ve ever hired. I’d love to hear about your event. Please contact me and let me know what you are looking for.