Skinflint Search Marketing

Maybe you don’t think you can afford search marketing. Or perhaps you’re just terminally cheap. Regardless, you don’t need to spend a lot to succeed at search marketing. You can start by watching a one-hour Webinar on the Skinflint Guide to Search Marketing, but you should also check out the step-by-step approach of free tools and techniques that lead to success below.

Let’s start with paid search—at first glance you might think there’s no such thing as free paid search, but you’d be surprised.

Although paid search bargains are nice when they happen, organic search is the skinflint’s stock and trade. Each step in organic search requires tools, but you can find good ones for free:

  1. Forecast your search campaign. Begin by forecasting what it’s all worth to you.
  2. Get your pages indexed. Search engines can’t find your page if it’s not listed in the search index.
  3. Plan your keywords. Find out what searchers are looking for so you can make them happy.
  4. Optimize your content. Your pages must contain the keywords that searchers are using.
  5. Attract links to your site. You can build links to your sites to get traffic and garner high search rankings.

Search marketing does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Follow these steps and you’ll find the tools and techniques you need to make something out of nothing.

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