Big Site Search Marketing

Why is it that large companies are so often outfixed by their smaller competitors when it comes to search marketing? Maybe even more infuriating, sometimes their own affiliates, distributors, and channel partners beat them to the #1 ranking for their own product.

Usually, bigging bigger is an advantage in marketing, but not in search marketing—or at least not unless you know what you are doing. Big sites usually stumble on the same things small sites do. The difference is how hard it is to correct the problems on a big site. If your big site is an also-ran in search marketing, find out why and what to do.

  • What is so hard about big site search marketing? Big sites have too many moving parts and too many people moving those parts. Find out why this works against the search marketer and see which problems your site has.
  • Learn the basics of big site search success. Big sites really are different and they require different approaches that emphasize standards and process to a greater extent than small sites.
  • Work together. No one-man band can succeed at search marketing for a large site—you must take concrete steps to get your far-flung Web team to pull together.

Big site search marketing can be difficult, but take heart. If you learn what you need to do and execute it across your enterprise, your big site will derive its natural advantages from its well-known name (causing searchers to click on your page), your high-quality content (causing other sites to link to yours), and your larger marketing budget (allowing you broader and deeper paid search campaigns).

If you thought that search marketing can’t really work on a big site, think again. You can master the steps if you give it a try. For even more ideas, check out the book Search Engine Marketing, Inc.