Digital Marketing and Technology Consultant

I’m a veteran digital marketing and technology consultant who serves as a senior strategist for Converseon, a leading digital media marketing agency based in New York City. I’ve worked with many Fortune 500 clients, including Walmart, 3M, Dow Chemical, IBM, Allstate, Pearson, and many more.

Prior to this position, I spent 30 years at IBM, rising to Distinguished Engineer, an executive-level technical position. I held various roles in my IBM career, including eight years at IBM’s customer-facing Web site,, most recently as the Manager of Web Experience, where I led 65 information architects, Web designers, Webmasters, programmers, and technical architects around the world.

My consulting centers on:

  • Digital Marketing. My eight years managing IBM’s Web presence and my experience with large clients in my post-IBM career give me the expertise in search marketing, social media, Web analytics, and other techniques that businesses need to drive sales from their marketing efforts.
  • Software Product Management. I have extensive experience creating new software and Internet-based product and service offerings, and I’m a certified product manager from Pragmatic Marketing, having served as a Product Manager with IBM for Lotus and Content Management products. Since leaving IBM, I’ve consulted on several offerings, including the MatchPoint public relations service.
  • Web Site Search Technology. I retired from IBM as a Distinguished Engineer specializing in search and text analytics technology, in which I hold several U.S. patents. I have been working in search and text analytics since the 1980s and continue to help Converseon and other clients today. One of the chapters of the Second Edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. is devoted to enterprise search applications, and I have long experience at IBM and with clients on Knowledge Management applications, including Web-based product support, technical documentation, intranet search, internal blogging and wikis, and many others.
  • Text Analytics Technology. Text analytics can be used for a lot more than Web site search. Techniques such as sentiment analysis and entity extraction allow companies to automatically draw insights from the textual data they already have.
  • Executive and Career Coaching. My years of experience in business and technology have led me to many relationships where I mentor others, especially people in technology or marketing jobs, or those in the technology industry.

One of my recent clients, Jon Victor, President of eNR Services, had some kind words about my consulting work:  “Mike joined our MatchPoint team in the early stages of product development. We believed that his expertise in search technology would help guide the development of MatchPoint’s contextual search algorithms. And we were right. But, even more valuable than his technical contribution was the practical business judgment that Mike brought to bear on MatchPoint’s evolution. He has contributed to all phases of the MatchPoint project, from user interface to launch strategies and marketing, and has become an invaluable, and valued, member of the team.”

I hope to have the opportunity to help you in similar ways. If you’re interested in talking to me about a consulting opportunity with your company, I’d love to hear from you, so please contact me.